Hi everyone! I hope you enjoyed my video above. It's pretty bedazzled eh? OK I know that it was a bit intense, and NO that is not actual fire blasting out of those cannons in the front. They are fog machines that have very bright colored LED lights built into them so don't worry, if you hire me I am not going to literally "burn the house down". BUT if you have me as the DJ for your next event, I will "burn the house down" with incredible energy.

That being said however, perhaps you are looking for a little bit less energy?

"I got it all figured out" (in the voice of "Bubba" from the movie "Forrest Gump")

Three different setup levels that also produce three different price points of which get lower in price depending on what you need. (the most expensive one being the complete "Full Set" you see in my video above)

Complete speaker setup which includes low-end subwoofers.
Complete lighting setup which includes spotlight lighting, intelligent lighting and laser/strobing effects
Dual LED foggers.

Complete speaker setup which includes low-end subwoofers.
Spotlight lighting and intelligent lighting.

Partial speaker setup (No low-end subwoofers).
Spotlight lighting.

If you have interest in me being your DJ for your next event please contact me at: AlexanderAzzi@gmail.com

Alexander Azzi